Scent Marketing – A Brief Introduction of it and how to approach it.

Scent Marketing – A Brief Introduction of it and how to approach it.

Presence of scented environment lead to improved efficiency among employees, minimize errors, increases the chance of a person buying more, increase the time of stay of a consumer and can help them buy more product and pay more for a product.

But from offices to trade shows to the retail environment, the true power of olfactory branding lies in its unique ability to for immediate,  differentiated and emotional connect, especially related to a particular within the category of a functionally similar offering.

Packaged goods, hospitality, retail, medicine, real estate, entertainment etc. Are some of the brands have benefitted from this marketing strategy.

Brands such as Hyatt, Dunkin Donuts, many retail chains, and food outlets have realized this and have started using it as a successful strategy to cater to the public and private place in branding.

Regardless of the industry, the process and considerations for developing an olfactory brand are the same.

Many steps which involve in building a personal scent are as given below:

  • First and foremost one needs to understand one’s brand DNA. Just as visual or audio branding, a signature scent needs to convey and support the brand foundation. It should sync with the brand ideology and purpose and should create a sense of appreciation for it.
  • With the help of a scent branding strategist and a person trained in perfume development, create a signature scent for yourself.
  • Run some tests, consider using it within a focussed area and collect feedback. This group may be of management, employees or a group of selected customers.
  • Based on the feedback take the next step, if the product demands improvement, give it for improvement or if the audience agrees to the product, try and launch to a bigger audience.

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