Important Points to Note When Buying Essential Oil

Important Points to Note When Buying Essential Oil

Market has multiple type of essential oil available for buying. A large no. Of companies are available

for selling there brand in the market. It becomes quite essential to vet over following points to be

sure that you are getting therapeutic quality essential oils from a supplier you trust.

1. Deep Research about the company : Research about the company you are planning to buy oil from.

Navigate through there website, online blogs, product reviews, product rating over different


2. Honest User Review : Best way is to connect to the user who have been consuming those products

you are planning to buy. Ask about his experience and unbiased product reviews.

3. Smell Foul through pricing of essential oils : Many natural essential oils have their synthetic

substitute available. Always, there is slight variation in the aroma. To a layman buyer, the difference

may be non-noticeable but prices can give some hints. Natural essential oils have prices mapped as

per the cost of production (man, machine, material etc.), so different oils have different pricing.

However, one selling synthetic oils have more or less similar pricing.

4. Adulteration/Substitution : The more expensive an oil, the greater the risk of adulteration to that

oil. Adulteration degrades the value of the essential oil. A trusted source and company known for

their quality and standards.

5. Mapping the Supply chain of the Supplier : The fragrance industry has many levels of buyers and

suppliers. Higher the levels in the supply chain, the higher are the chances of Adulteration. It is always

best to buy from the direct source, who is the original distiller of essential oils or someone buying

directly form distillers to ensure that high quality essential oils are being bought by the people.

6. Quality Practices and Systems inside the organization : An Organization with established quality

systems, research and testing infrastructure, certifications are more concerned over delivering the

quality to customer rather than those with a lack of it.


7. Grading of Essential OIls : Oil comes with different grades, having different pricing. For Example

Ylang Ylang superior is the first stage of distillation, whereas Ylang Ylang complete is a combination of

all four stages of distillation. In such cases, it is important that different grades are be priced

separately. However, some sellers misrepresent the grades so to maximize the profit. Buyers should

be aware of these and should check the sellers credentials and made himself/herself educated of the

quality of oil at hand.

8. Extenders Adulteration : Extenders are the oils which uses synthetic or natural solvents. Expensive

oils are frequently extended with Jojoba. Some oils are extended to tilt their viscosity or


9. Verifying through Companies vision, approach and Duration of operation : Companies working to

create a difference in the life of customers through their products are more conscious and dedicated

to supply quality and genuine products. Going through companys’ vision, approach and duration of

operation gives a fair idea of how the product will feature.

Hope this would give you a fair idea and insight to chose the best and quality essential oils to buy and


At Ayuroma, we distill purest form of Essential oil for our company. Our bench marking and testing

facility known as ATRIC ensures that each drop of oil passing to our buyer through our distillery is of

highest quality.

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