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Ayuroma Innovation Center: 

Ayuroma Technology, Research, Incubation and Innovation Center: Ayuroma has developed an in house ATRIC, created with main objective of swift technology and best industry practices adoption, to foster innovation and giving bench marked solution to customers using advanced technology and research skill of highly dedicated team.

How ATRIC work :

Customers comes to us with their pain areas/new application or with problems or with projects appearing difficult to cater to and almost impossible to be delivered. At ATRIC, we collaborate with customers. We help them with solutions through our industry know how, highly trained and experienced research team, university and academia collaboration and through supplier/ vendor engagement.
Our ATRIC in known for having developed tested solutions to Body Soap and Detergent Industry, Cosmetic ,Hair Care, Lotion Manufacturing Industry, Toilet cleaner & Floor Cleaner Industry Aroma Burners & Incense, Agarbatti industry, Natural Perfumery , Aerosols, Deodorant industry , Health Care Supplements industrial, Hotel & Home Aroma products Industry , Toothpaste, Tobacco Industry, Pan Masala Industry, Food & Beverages Industry.


ATRIC provide free access to students, research scholars, academicians, farmers, cultivators and raw material suppliers to all its research papers, publications and all research equipment and machinery. Our research team provides them the complete support and all services have been kept free of any charge. It is in sync with our founder’s belief that for innovation to prosper one science should reach to the people who falls in ecosystem of essential oil industry, and knowledge & research should be shared.

Technology in ATRIC :

Our Innovation and research center is equipped with all the needed necessity such as Gas Chromatograph, Mass Chromatograph, Digital Polarimeter, Digital Refractometer, Digital Density Meter, Glass Distillation Units, along with highly trained research team. We have updated research reporting system and focus on industry and academia knowledge exchange for innovation and research to prosper.

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